Life is a journey, and time passes by feeling the various emotions. There are so many stages of life, and it makes so much difference to us. There are 7 stages of life, and the age between 30 to 60 is what we call the 6th stage. In this stage, people get a bit more selfish and less social. This is why many people consider it the worst stage of life, but is it? No, it isn’t. It is just the period in which you undergo tremendous amount of changes. Be it your looks, or the way you look at things and the way people treat you.

Got confused? Then you really need to read this. Maybe, it’ll help you out.

1. Your body starts indicating that you’re 30

You’re not the same person when you look into the mirror, there are wrinkles and spots. Their are noticeable hair growth on unusual parts of your body where you would never want them to be. Your teeth, especially the premolars have artificial root nerves. You’ll feel the need to wear glasses. And those love handlings would become much smarter. Your eggs are dying and you need to freeze them asap.

2. Do i still need friends?

You’ll get rid of those fake friends from your life and you’ll be having only a few, but real and close friends. You start respecting quality than quantity.

3. Less priority to going out and more to staying in

You don’t like going outside and exploring the world you once loved to. You find numerous problems with the same world and find everything outside a waste of time. Being in crowdy places is not your preference now , forget about partying. Your couch is your all time new companion on which you want to jump over.

4. Dating and relationships- Excuse me what?

Yeah, that’s your reaction about dating and relationships. For years, you’ve been faking that attachment and have been feeling sorry for nothing. Trying to fix problems and digging out solutions is the old you, now you simply don’t care about such relationships. You don’t need anyone for anything and anything from anyone.

5. Your drinking capacity

Well, your drinking capacity nowhere increases. In your younger age, you felt nothing while you drank a bottle of wine, but now a glass of wine is just what you need to relax you and make you fall asleep. It may not be enough , but that’s all you need.

6. I am no younger anymore

At this stage, you get a feeling that you’re older in comparison to everyone around you. Well, you’re quite right to an extent, as majority of people around you are younger , be it your coworkers or your boss.

7. No longer confused about your needs

You’re not the old you that needed a guide for every small decision of your life. At this stage, you don’t need any guidance from anyone, and you do what you want to do. You’re a boss of your own, and you don’t need a clarification from anyone whether you’re doing the right thing.

8. Is this what i wanted to be when i was in college

We all have dreams about our future and we decide one or two careers for our life. But as time passes, things change a lot. After you strike the age of 30, you begin to reconsider whether you’ve achieved your goals or not. This is the time where you get over all your previous job experiences and start doing something of your interest.

9. Parents are parents, not gods

At this stage of life, you get to understand that your parents have done the same things you’re going through, and it’s not a superhuman thing. They’re also ordinary human beings with the problems of their own. We understand that we need to do things that we thought only superhumans could do.

10. Get rid of technology and useless kind of stuff

After you get into this age group, you want to get rid of all those unnecessary stuffs that you used as show off while you were in your 20s. So, after thirty years there’s no showing off and only those stuffs find place that’ll help you or make your life easier.

11. Getting relaxation time for yourself

At this age, you are an independent person and get less bothered by what people say. You’re more relaxed and you give preference to rest rather than to rush, race and competition. You give plenty of time to provide your body and mind with peace.

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