You’re out with your friends and having a great time until someone decides to ruin it. Instead of just smiling at you or simply offering you a drink, this person gets all in your face. They starting asking you a thousand and one questions in an attempt to “flirt” with you. What do you do? You don’t want to be rude, but you also want to make it clear you’re not interested. Here are 11 ways to politely get someone to stop flirting with you:

Pretend Like You Have A Boyfriend

Make sure he knows pretty early on that you’re taken — even if you’re very, very single. You could be abrupt and say you have a boyfriend or you could just casually mention you’re exclusively seeing someone. Be clear with him that you’re not looking for anything right now because of how happy you are in your current “relationship.”

Set Him Up With Someone Else

If he’s a weirdo, you might not want to do this one. You should probably just stop talking to him and walk away if he’s giving you the creeps. But, if he’s cool but just not your cup of tea then you should set him up with someone else. Maybe even one of your friends if you think they’d work out. Not only will that show him you’re not interested, but you’d be doing your friend a solid!

Tell Him Your 17

Tell him you’re underaged and he’ll get away from you very quickly. If he doesn’t, he’s a creep and you should call the cops ASAP.

Automatically Friend Zone

Let’s say you two are chit-chatting. He probably thinks you’re interested but you can easily change his mind by saying something like, “Oh, look at that guy across the bar. Do you think he’d be interested in me”? Maybe even ask him to play wingman for you and help set you up with other guys. Trust me, he’ll get the message pretty clear that you’re in no way interested in him.

Send Your Friend A Quick Text

Is he just not taking a hint? Quickly send your friend an SOS message. She’ll be able to save you. What if you’re alone? The rules still apply. Text your friend and have them call you with a made-up emergency. Answer your phone and act like something BIG is happening and get away from him!

Do NOT Flirt Back

Whatever you do, don’t flirt back in anyway. In my experience, a lot of people are naturally flirtatious so they don’t realize they’re flirting with someone. Be aware of what you’re doing; especially with someone you’re not interested in. You don’t want to lead him. And laughing a little too hard at his jokes, touching his arm, and grinning from ear to ear might do that. If you really want him to leave you alone, speak with as little words as possible and keep your face unreadable.

Use Your Friends As An Excuse

Tell him you and your friends made a pact to only spend time with each other. Honestly, that’s something a lot of girls (and guys) do so it wouldn’t be a far-fetched idea. Plus, you probably do want to spend time with your friends. After all, they’re who you came with!

Tell Him You’re Incredibly Busy

When people hear the word “busy” they typically run for the hills. In the dating world, being busy basically means you don’t have any time for dating. Or rather, you won’t make time for dating. Tell him your schedule is busy because of work and you basically have no free time this month. Either he’ll believe you and move on. Or, he’ll think you’re making up an excuse to avoid him and move on. Win-win.

Be Honest

But not too honest! If he repulses you, don’t tell him that. Instead, tell him you’re not looking for something right now or tell him you’re enjoying your single status. You could even tell him you’re there to hang out with your friends and that’s all you want to do right now. Those things are probably true, right? Exactly. You won’t be lying.

Do NOT Give Out Your Information

You can tell him your first name but other than that, keep the information to a minimum. If you don’t like him, why on earth would he need to have your phone number?! He wouldn’t. You don’t want him to blow up your phone with text messages and you definitely don’t want an online stalker. For your protection, don’t reveal too much about your life.

Walk Away

Make up an excuse and walk away without looking back. Say you’re going to the bathroom or say you have to make a call. Just walk away from him and go spend time with the group you’re with. Or, you can leave altogether if you want. If you’re going to choose this option, make sure you choose it rather quickly so it’s more natural and not as abrupt. The second he gives you that “I’m about to flirt with you” smile, say you have to pee and get out of there!

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