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The natives of New Zealand are known as the Maori, and their culture is a golden treasure trove of health secrets, and among their natural and open secrets as already varified by clinical research, is one that naturally and safely reverses arthritis and knocks out arthritis pain.

It is a food extract from one of the Maori.s staple foods, and may be the most powerful anti-inflammatory compound thus far in clinical circles around the world. According to their centuries old oral tradition, these natives believe and it is demonstrated, that eating Parna Canaliculus leads to a long and healthy life.

For proof, clinical-medical statistics show that rheumatoid arthritis or disorders and arthritis joint pain are unknown among these nature loving natives of New Zealand.

Rheumatoid arthritis reversed.

Clinical research for over a decade beginning in the mid-1970’s, confirmed that something in this staple food extract has the super ability to provide arthritis pain relief and reverse arthritic pain and stiffness at the same time. One of such clinical research studies was done at the Victoria Hospital in the city of Glasgow, Scotland, and tested the natural extract as an arthritis treatment on 67 patients.

It should be noted that at the start of the 6 month trial, all of the patients with clear arthritis symptoms, had already totally failed to respond to conventional arthritis medication and were scheduled for surgery to repair badly damaged arthritis knee joints. Here then is the miracle to arthritis pain relief. At the end of the trial, researchers were surprised beyond belief, reporting improvements in sixty-eight percent of the rheumatoid arthritis patients, and thirty-nine percent of the osteoarthritis patients. Side-effects? None.

By the way, it took a team of researchers from Japan, France and Australia, almost two decades to standardize the extract supplement for reliable results as an arthritis remedy.It is available as
Lyprinol W
. The extract was far better than anticipated, because it also delivered a surprise bonus. Here it is, in 1986 at a clinical trial of fifty-three patients of rheumatoid arthritis, in Dijon in France, at the Societe Francaise de Biologic et Dietique, the Maori staple food extract used as rheumatoid arthritis treatment, reduced arthritis joint pain by sixty-two percent in six months, while the placebo group experienced an increase in pain of twenty percent.

While that Maori staple-food extract is thus far the most powerful natural and very safe anti-inflammatory and arthritis pain reliever yet discovered and documented, it still won’t rebuild or restore previously damaged cartilage. For rebuilding cartilage and health, stay tuned for another post with arthritis information, right here, in due course.

Lyprinol more effective than an arthritis drug

In the meanwhile, you should know that when reserchers compared this natural food extract to the prescription arthritis drug indomethacin, the conventional drug of choice at time of this study, a dose of 5 mg/kg of the extract was 97% effective in reducing arthritis symptoms of swelling, while indomethacin was just 83% effective at same dosage. Bear in mind the natural extract is totally non-toxic and has no bad side-effects, and that cannot be said of the drug indomethacin. The natural extract is demonstrably an arthritis alternative approach to regain your good health.

Lyprinol is nutritional

On a personal note, your writer at the keyboard for this post, is a runner and clocks eight miles per week.
One morning I found one of my joints in pain, could not bend the knee, going down the stairs was almost impossible, and getting in the car required that I had to lift up the affected leg. I then thought that may be I had busted up my knee, and to be sure I headed for the x-ray.

The x-ray showed everything normal. Immediately my intuition begun to think nutritional deficiency. In the meanwhile, the good doctor insisted that I take an MRI for a “better” analysis, and just to prove a point to the doctor, I took it.
Guess what? Everything was normal. The doctor was completely out of explanations, and eventually after some well informed reasoning with him, confided to me that doctors know very little if anything about nutrition and it’s decisive role in maintaining good health. I know the doc as a friend for years, and he showed me x-ray and MRI “pictures” of knees that had been operated upon. Realize that I used to hang around doctors a lot and have been invited to see various operations many times,(I don’t do that anymore).

Back at the house, I logged onto our clinical archives, convinced that the trouble with my knee was a nutritional deficiency. The search turned up lyprinol as the answer. I had it delivered overnight. Day one came and went, then day two, and on third day waking up after a nap realized my knee was no longer in pain. I made a few squats as a test, then jogged in place for a few seconds, then went down the stairs and there was no pain anymore.

Ever since, that natural extract is now a staple at my residence always available, and cyclists and runners that I know love it enormously for it’s nutritional value to the joints.

There may be another post here on rebuilding damaged cartilage or that may come as a “Special Report”, in any case do stay tuned.

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