For several decades now,a good amount of wool has been deceptively put on your eyes, and you may call it brainwashed into believing that digestive acids produced by your stomach, are the cause of digestive problems such as an ulcer or stomach ulcers to be exact.

Consequently, you will find very regretably that the so called Acid Blockers are one of the best-selling over the counter drugs, making the manufacturers tons of profits repeatedly, and never address the cause of the ulcer. The advertisements that push these drugs make the very absurd claim, that these drugs can stop the secretion of stomach acid for up to twelve hours. Have you ever bothered to think for yourself and ask the question, How then does food get digested without stomach acid?

The demonstrable fact is that food cannot get digested without stomach acid, so you get more gastrointestinal problems and complications as a result of supressed secretion of stomach acids. The obvious fact is that blocking the secretion of stomach acid with medication will not fix ulcers, not at all and never will.

Defeats ulcers naturally.

An overlooked natural therapy is the most common of all amino acids and it is called glycine. A deficiency of glycine causes digestive problems like indigestion, gastric ulcers, bloating and burning,food allergies, and is the ulcer cause.

Glycine is a non-essential amino acid, meaning that your body can synthesize it as necessary, provided your nutrition includes the needed raw materials. Research on glycine began in the early 1900s and many physicians were reportiing a wide variety of health problems that could be improved or eliminated by increasing glycine levels. It was also at that time that artificial molecules of pharmaceutical compounds were deceptively becoming the accepted method of dealing with ailments and natural, effective and clinically safe therapies were, due to heavy brainwashing, becoming seen as inferior and old-fashioned.

Even though the body has the natural ability to synthesize glycine, it does not necessarily follow that adequate tissue levels of this amino acid are always maintained. It is now well documented that given our expensive but poor nutrition due to processing and toxic agro-chemicals sprayed on the crops, water supply loaded with cumulatively toxic chroline or fluoride, our ability to synthesize glycine in adequate amounts is in question.

In times of increased stress therefore, your body may not be able to keep up with the demand for glycine, and especially if the body is not receiving the proper nutrition for the necessary raw materials to make the amino acid.

Your body needs a high quality supply of protein to synthesize needed glycine. It is well noted that insufficient good protein from food is particulary common in the eldery, due to poor diets and the decreased ability to produce the digestive enzyme and the stomach hydrochloric acid necessary for proper digestion.

Good news.

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Glycine is one of the compounds naturally found in Immunocal protein, and this natural protein has been clinically shown to protect your stomach and the intestinal tract from stress-induced ulcers. Such a simple, effective, safe and natural way to defeat ulcers or keep them at bay, could be worth it’s weight in gold to the millions of ulcer patients. Are you one of them? That, is the ultimate ulcer diet. Now you can regain your health.

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