Hugs are a very private and affectionate way of greeting people that are close to us. A good hug from a close person can cure almost any emotional breakdown. It soothes the soul and makes one’s day.

Well, the people we hug are obviously special to us, or atleast close. But the way we hug them, it defines a lot about the way we feel about them, the way they matter to us and also our own emotional state.

1. Back hug

Those in a romantic relationship must be knowing how this hig feels and how signing it is in a relationship. It provides a sense of security and shows the affectionate nature of the duo. It also signifies that the person cares a lot about you and will willingly do anything to comfort and please you. Also, people who have been missing their partners for a very long time tend to opt this type of embrace.

2. Tight squeeze

These hugs are the most real ones. In this we hug a person so tightly that we almost feel their organs. And as we say, the tighter the hug , the more real they’re. Mostly, those people whom we meet after a very long time, use this embrace. Have you ever noticed that your grandparents hug you very tightly? It’s because for them it’s always like the last hug.

3. The holding hug

This kind of embrace holds a lot of meanings. Mostly it means that two people are in love and they’re dependent on each other and need each other. At times, this hug is also shared by people if one of them is feeling low about something and a lot of things are going on in life as well as in their head. Sharing a warm long hug can actually put some sanity into the mind. It can also be called as a consolation hug as in when a person is in tears.

4. Backstroke

This hug signifies where a friend stands in one’s life. These kind of embraces are very short and last merely seconds or maybe fractions of it with a little pat on the back of the other person. These hugs are genuine and it is usually to appreciate the other person to be there in their life.

5. The straddle hug

This type of hug is shared by people involved in a romantic relationship, and that too only in a private place. Well , that’s because, in this hug one partner sits on the other person’s thighs with their legs hugging the other person on the waist. So, this hug is primarily about the emotional trust between the two people.

6. Around the waist

This hug is unique in itself, as it signifies that two people have spent so much time together that they’re extremely comfortable and have no trust issues. It is very common among the lovers, once they get to know each other deeply. This is a genuine hug and represents real affection that two people have for each other. It defines how much valuable the other person is for you.

7. The London bridge

This hug may sound complicated to you, but it’s totally understandable to you if you were ever made to hug somebody you didn’t want to. In this type of hug, the upper body comes closer but the lower half remains away. This signifies that you didn’t wanna hug that person or at least you don’t want to cuddle the person. You just hug them so they don’t get hurt. It’s because you’re not comfortable around them.

8. Single arm hug

This hug signifies that you care about how the other one is feeling and that you feel that pain too beside them. It’s a consolation hug primarily. It’s like you’re trying to make the person understand that everything will work out soon.

9. The small pat

This type of hug is given by people, who don’t like embracing and hugging. It’s just that they’re too much shy and they feel like they’re going to lose their masculinity if they hug. It’s just a normal hug to show that you care but there’s no affection and embracement in this.

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