How about this for a scary post on an ADHD blog recently? A mother reports that her daughter had been given Ritalin for ADHD and as a result, got tics. She was then put on Clonidine for ADHD which worked fine for the tics. Now, the scary part is that IF she had been given both Ritalin and Clonidine, then she was at enormous risk as there have been deaths caused by this deadly combination. There have been up to four deaths reported – all four did have heart problems but should never have been given this combination. The only ‘good’ thing about Clonidine is that it does seem to help kids with sleep problems caused by other ADHD drugs.

Clonidine side effects are generally well documented and the list as usual is long and frightening. This one is different from the other ADHD drugs in that kids may put on weight but who wants couch potatoes? Clonidine has another charming side effect – if the child is at all depressed then Clonidine for ADHD should not be given as this may only increase the depression. There are lots of other Clonidine side effects: hair loss, dermatitis, irregular bowel movements, nausea and listlessness.

As Clonidine was originally a blood pressure drug, one wonders what it is doing as an ADHD drug? It seems that the FDA have not even approved it all for children with ADHD! I thought childhood was supposed to be happy and carefree but it seems we are turning our children into zombies.

As part of a comprehensive treatment, parents will have to decide which ADHD treatment is best for their child. They will be looking at diet as it has been shown now that food definitely does affect our children’s brains. Breakfast should have protein (eggs are fine) and preference should be given to rice where possible over wheat. Avoid all the fizzy pop drinks, hot dogs, luncheon meats which are full of phosphorous. Try to get rid of vinegar, sugar and anything which you know has MSG and artificial colourings and flavourings.

Apart from diet, there remains the vexed question about what ADHD treatment can be used to alleviate symptoms of hyperactivity, restlessness and inattention in children as they go about their home and school life. Doctors will never talk about natural ADHD treatments but some of them will peddle drugs which are potentially harmful and will not even cure ADHD either! Why not join the thousands of parents who will not be fobbed off with second rate drugs by the pharmaceutical industry? You can find out what alternative ADHD therapy is available and how, where and by whom it is manufactured. One of the best natural remedies companies in the USA has for many years produced an ADHD remedy to the highest standards which has had enormous success.

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