The exterior of your body involves many small structures that are very visible. These small structures play an important role in making us function normally in our everyday lives. One of these small structures is our nails. As you can see, they are part of your skin. Their normal location can be found on the end of our fingers and toes. Women are fond of having them grow long and have those free edges for beautiful cation purposes. They love putting tattoos on it or even paint it with colors to match it with their outfits for the day. On the other hand, men just love to keep it clean.

However, their existence lies beyond having the purpose of being accentuated, painted or being merely kept clean. Our nails play an important role in reflecting the existence of illness or an impending threat in the body. Health care, pinch your nail to see if blood returns right away. If it does in less than 3 seconds, you still have good circulation. More than that, it could indicate that your body has been compromised. The shape of your nail is also an indicator of an impending illness. For example, if your nail bed is soft and there is an increased concavity on your folds, this can be a sign of inadequate oxygen circulation.

You see your nails are very important and even though they are in small numbers, you still have to ensure proper nail care at all times. How do you do this?

Check out below:

1. Always wash your hands and when you see that the edges of your nails are dirty, trim it carefully to avoid jagged edges.

2. When you clean your nails, do not soak it for a long time especially when it is already brittle. You also need to be careful in choosing solutions in to be applied on it because they might contain components that can worsen the brittleness. Avoid anything with alcohol or anything with formaldehyde.

3. When your activities involve contact with something dirty, wear clothes as much as possible to protect them from dirt settling in it.

4. You can do your nails on your own but be sure to use equipment that are properly sterilized (most especially those with sharps). This is also one thing to keep in mind when having it done by manicurist.

5. Even though you feel your nails are strong, do not abuse them. Avoid using them to open stuff like beer cans.

6. If you have a cut on your finger, clean it and disinfect right away. If you have uneven edges on the sides of your nails, do not tear them or tug them as it can cause a wound.

7. As much as possible, avoid biting your nails. Not only can it form irregularities in its shape but it can also discolor it or delay its growth.

8. Use hand moisturizers with sunblocks for protection. Do have your hand massaged to improve circulation in that area and use natural substances in doing this.

9. Taking care of your feet and hand will also mean that you are taking care of your nails. Therefore, if you do it properly, you are also doing nail care the best way it should be done.

10. Eat many food rich in vitamins and minerals as well as protein.

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