One of the most important things on your face when it comes to looking beautiful is your eyes. Since that is the first thing that most people will look at, you will want to make your eyes look stunning and gorgeous. Most people aren’t lucky enough to be born with exotic looking eyes but fortunately, this is something that can be changed with the right tools. One of the things you can do is use eyelash extensions with some simple eyelash glue.

This can really help make your eyes look a lot sexier. Most extensions will be able to stick onto your eyelashes without glue but the problem is that many times, those things are weak. To prevent from having an embarrassing situation where one of the extensions is hanging half way to the side of your eye, you will want to reinforce them with eyelash extension glue, also called false eyelash glue. These things are inexpensive and can by bought for well under $10. You can find them online or at the stores.

One reason people may not want to use eyelashes glue is because they think it will be hard to take off. This isn’t true at all. Most of these glues, although they help you hold your extensions on securely, will make it easy for you to take your extensions off. Another reason why you will want to use these to secure a better hold is if you have contact lenses where you may have to fiddle to remove. This can cause you to accidentally more the eyelashes which can cause the glue to be less sticky. By having a bottle of this stuff, you can just simply apply it on and be confident that your false eyelashes will stay on.

To make the most out of your eyelash glue and extensions, you will need to apply the right type of eye makeup as well. There are a lot of different things you can do to accomplish this but will the best look for you will depend on your face and eye shape as well as your taste. What you can do is go onto Youtube and look up makeup tutorials. The last time I checked, there are a ton of people on there with videos to show you how to produce any type of look you can think of. It’s sure a lot easier than trying to figure this stuff out from looking at pictures.

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