Everybody wants to be loved, whether they openly admit it or not. And I’m not just talking about romantically. People feel good when their friends, family, acquaintances, and even strangers have nice things to say about them. There is something to love about everyone you meet, no matter who they are, what they’ve done, or where they’re at in their life. If you’ve ever wondered what someone might love about you based on your Zodiac sign, or you just need a reminder on some great qualities you possess, I’ve laid it out for you.


You are a very trustworthy woman. People can count on you for anything and everything. You are sincere and honest and you’ll always be there to have your friend’s backs. When you like someone, there isn’t anything you wouldn’t do to make sure they feel good and secure. You’re willing to make it work and put in the effort to have a successful relationship. The commitment you have is what makes you so lovable.

2. Taurus

Being a Taurus woman, you possess a special ability to make people feel good about themselves. When people are around you, they find it so easy to relax and be themselves. You make them feel special and comfortable. If someone is in need of support or needs a pick me up, you will be the first one to make sure they’re okay and to lift up their spirits. A quality like this makes it impossible for someone not to love you because you are there for them when they need you most.

3. Gemini

The thing that makes you, as a Gemini woman, so irresistible is the fact that you can have meaningful, deep conversations but you can also crack a joke and make things light-hearted. You truly are the best of both worlds. When its time to be silly, you’re the first one to make people laugh and poke fun at a situation. On the other hand, when its time to get serious, you are always there for the people you care about and are able to have those tough long talks. Your charm and thoughtfulness are what really make you stand out from the rest.

4. Cancer

As a Cancer, you’re loved for your insanely high emotional intelligence. You have a truly deep empathetic nature about you that makes people feel comfortable confiding in you when times get tough. You’re able to understand the emotions and feelings of others around you and are able to sympathize with their situations. You have no problem lifting people up when they need that extra support and are always there as a shoulder to cry on. Your friends and family adore you because they realize just how irreplaceable someone like you is in their lives. You are their rock!

5. Leo

Like the true Leo you are, you shine brighter than anyone else. You can bring light to any situation that comes your way, no matter how tough. Your positivity radiates and makes everyone around you feel happier. Your energy is something people rely on to make their day better and to potentially get them out of a funk. On top of that, you are super dependable so people can always count on you. You enjoy being the center of attention, but you’re always able to make someone the center of yours if needed. Everyone needs a Leo in their lives.

6. Virgo

Even though you put on a front at first and take some time to let someone in, once you’ve warmed up to someone you are the best type of friend and partner. You’re extremely committed to your relationships and have the warmest heart. You’ll stand by your S.O, friends, and family through thick and thin. You are someone anyone can truly count on. That warmth and comfort you possess make you someone no one wants to live without.

7. Libra

As a Libra, it is only natural you crave balance in your life. Not only do you make peace for yourself, but you also make sure everyone around you feels happy and calm. You have so much love to give in your heart that you want to spread it to everyone you meet. Someone who brings so much light into other people’s hearts is the exact quality that makes you so lovable by all your peers. You’re not afraid to express your emotions and your mind and love to bring new ideas and perspectives to the table to make sure everyone and everything goes smoothly.

8. Scorpio

People can always count on you as a Scorpio to make things exciting. No one is ever bored or stagnant around you. On one hand, you can be super smooth and very calm and collected but on the other, you can be incredibly passionate and impulsive. People are drawn to you because of the passion you possess and they crave that type of energy. Your peers wish they were you and your lover can’t stay away from you. You have a powerful ora and the people who love you are completely in awe of you.

9. Sagittarius

Like the true Sagittarius you are, you believe that life is full of opportunities that are just waiting to be seized. You can turn anyone’s gloomy day into a positive one just through your energy.  You carry yourself well and you are completely self-sufficient. You don’t rely on anyone else to make you happy because you can make your own happiness. Your peers love this about you because you only radiate good energy and you never bring anyone around you down.

10. Capricorn

Your best quality is how determined you are. You won’t settle for anything and if there is something on your mind there isn’t anything stopping you. Your peers admire you for this and wish they could have as much ambition as you. This quality carries into your love life too. Your heart will love as much as it can for as long as it can. When there are rough patches in your relationship, you won’t quit because how passionate you are about making it work.

11. Aquarius

Your mind is your best quality. What people find so fascinating about you is how knowledgeable you are. You’re constantly looking to discover new things and to explore new ideas. This translates into all your conversations and relationships you have with people. You’ll never settle for a boring conversation. You’re real and genuine and people will always admire your curiosity and your spunk.

12. Pisces

You are the most selfless sign out of all of them. You are always willing to give yourself completely to your relationships. You put others before yourself and you want to make sure everyone around you is happy and content. You’ll never ask for anything else in return because of the joy you get from helping others. You approach people with a kind and tender heart which makes people relax and feel comfortable enough to be themselves. This is a quality everyone can love!

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